Hvorfor vanne banen

Dry and a lot of wind


Several kilograms of precious tennis sand blow off the court if it is not watered. At the beginning of the season in April and May it can be very windy and this is also the dry period with little rain. We put on a pallet with one tonne of new tennis sand before the season and that tonne is blown straight off the court if we are not careful with watering. The low prices for games are due to us being careful with the expenses and it should continue like this.




If you play on a court that is dry, pits and unevenness are created in the court, which makes playing with balls that bounce in all directions a less pleasant experience. These potholes and bumps are not easy to fix once the season starts.


When, where and how


When is it dry? When the color of the sand is light.


Should we water before or after play? Alway before play.


How much should we water the court? Until the watertanks are empty by watering both halfcourts.