Passion for tennis in countryside idyll

The court is Norway’s oldest from 1874, and has a low threshold-offer with particularly low prices, open court booking, free to bring guests, free for children under 14. The surface is traditional French red clay and thanks to the mild climate near the fjord, the club is proud to open for play from March every year, often months before the other clubs. The drainage provides for play very quick after rain while other clubs often need to close their courts for one or more days.

Welcome to konglungen tennisclub

The club welcomes new members. Currently there are 120 members. Most members play few times during the year which means that the court is available for booking at most times. The practise of exceptionally low member fees (you also pay a fee for each booking) makes it particularly attractive for beginners who likes to try the sport for the first time and for families who can play in a private place.

Why You Should Choose konglungen tennisklubb

Impressive Facility in scenic environment

The court is situated in the countryside with beautiful woods and scenic enviroment oinly a few steps away from the fjord and a refreshing bath after the tennis.

Availabity for booking

The court is normally availabvle for booking at most hours. Additionally, because of the good drainage, the court is playable soon after rainfall.


The intimate settings will give you the feeling of playing at your own private court.


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